Follow these tips to keep your jewelry happy and shiny:

• Do not exercise, shower, or swim while wearing your jewelry
• Minimize exposure to chemicals by putting your jewelry on after lotions, perfumes, or hair products have dried
• Do not store your jewelry next to heating vents, in direct sunlight, or in places with high moisture 
• Polish your jewelry regularly with a dry soft cloth
• Store your jewelry in an airtight ziptop bag when not wearing it

Sterling silver 
Sterling silver is known for its gorgeous shine, but will naturally tarnish over time with exposure to air, sunlight, and chemicals. When not wearing your sterling silver jewelry, store each piece in an airtight zip top bag (this is key)!



Your jewelry can be cleaned with mild soapy water. (Use a dish soap free from harsh chemicals like ammonia or phosphates). Rinse clean and let air dry.
To remove light tarnish, a polishing cloth, such as Sunshine brand polishing cloths can be used. This will also give it some shine! 

For heavily tarnished pieces, mild cleaning solutions specifically designed for jewelry can be used. Just be sure to read the label carefully to make sure it can be used safely on your specific piece.